Welcome to the world of unforgettable excursions on narrow gauge railways

750mm.by – unforgettable excursions on narrow gauge railways of Belarus


    We are happy to offer you a new type of getaway in Belarus – tourist trips on passenger trains on a narrow-gauge railway.

    While travelling with our tours you can explore the narrow-gauge railway as well learn the history of our country.  You will visit the station, the depot, you will see various samples of narrow-gauge rolling stock, as well as learn and see how the peat – the “black gold” of the Belorussian land is produced.

    You will see way local people live outside the capital. On a small train you will travel to places which cannot be reached by regular train or other type of transport. A narrow-gauge rail will guide you through space and time. Where the train rumbled only a minute ago the wildlife reigns again. You will get connected to the mysterious world of wildlife through just a quick travel by rail.

   We are sure that this day will fill you with a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable memories.

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Узкоколейные железные дороги

Narrow gauge railways

While visiting our tours you will learn what narrow-gauge railways are, its history and current status, get acquainted with the rolling stock, visit the locomotive depot and railway workshops. And most importantly - go by narrow-gauge train to places where it is impossible to get by any other transport.
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Экологические маршруты

Ecological routes

On our train you will visit the reserved places of inexpressible beauty. There are branches of trees close over the paths forming lively green tunnels. The local nature is hidden from people`s eyes, storing the secrets of the earth since the last glacial period.
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Промышленный туризм

Industrial tourism

During our excursions you will learn what peat moss is and it`s value, get acquainted with the technology of milling peat extraction, see various machines and mechanisms involved in its extraction.
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